The main goal of Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University is delivering outstanding academic programs and qualitative research production, through a stimulating environment, computerized management systems, advanced technology, sustainable resources and effective partnerships, to achieve competitive outcomes that meet the needs of the labour market and contribute to building the knowledge economy and serving the local and global community.

Recognizing its role as one of the country’s leading educational institutions on which the country and leaders’ aspirations for achieving Vision 2030’s progress objectives depend , Al-Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University has developed its strategic plan 2021-2025 in accordance with this ambitious Vision and to be compatible with the new university system, modern scientific and administrative directives, and promising national development need to achieve excellence and quality, enhance academic research and community service, raise the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational performance governance of administrative and financial procedures and consolidate national values based on moderation. The strategic plan (2021-2025) aims to create a paradigm shift in the fields of education, learning and upskilling, research, innovation and entrepreneurship, partnerships and social responsibility, institutional excellence, financial sustainability and national awareness.

Ever since Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 was launched, the prominent goal has always been quality and excellence in the performance of national institutions. Therefore, Al-Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University has developed its vision, mission, and strategic plan in a way that will meet the leadership's aspiration and achieve the ambitious vision that aims to create a vibrant society, prosperous economy and an ambitious nation. Since the requirements of the Kingdom's Vision stipulated that success is based on strengths, Al-Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University created its vision via its academic, cultural and civilizational heritage based on leadership in Sharia sciences, the Arabic language and human sciences, and by combining it with modern programs in the fields of science, computer, engineering and medicine. To continue its path of excellence, the university has created its strategic plan and initiatives of its ambitious future depending on its people who have the experiences and competencies and depending on its administrative and educational cadres.

Sustainable Development Goals

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